Unified Licensing Framewok

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has implemented a new ICT licensing framework in pursuit of its mandate as the regulator of the communication services in the Federal Republic of Somalia.  The new licensing framework is guided by the National Communications Law of 2017, which confers powers to issue licenses for the provision and operation of communications infrastructure and services within the borders of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The framework embraces the principle of technology and service neutrality. It permits a licensee to offer multiple services, using any technology or infrastructure that is capable of delivering the desired services. NCA adopted the new framework after extensive consultation with the ICT sector. It offers a more flexible, simplified, and technology and service-neutral form of licensing. It allows operators to use the most cost-effective technologies for their service offerings without exceeding the scope of their licenses

Click Here to download the Unified Licensing Framework (ULF)

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