The Cybersecurity department leads the Somali government’s response to cybersecurity events by collaborating with the relevant agencies.

The department is responsible for securing, protecting, monitoring, and defending Somalia’s cyberspace and valuable cyber assets as well as advising and providing guidance to government IT and National Critical Infrastructure providers, businesses, the internet community, and citizens of the current threats and vulnerabilities.

The department is the only official single point of contact for government agencies, Internet Service Providers (ISP), ICT Solutions, Telecom operators, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), critical infrastructure providers, academia, and citizens including Child Online Protection (COP) for reporting local cyber incidents. It also works collaboratively with law enforcement, defense, national intelligence, and security agencies to solve the most critical cyber issues.

The Cybersecurity department has a comprehensive national-level mandate that includes developing national Cybersecurity policies and strategies overseeing its implementation as well as raising public Cybersecurity awareness campaigns through capacity building programs and promoting cybersecurity innovation and investment.

The department promotes to development of strong local and international relationships/partnerships in the global cybersecurity community for information and knowledge sharing.

General Objectives:  

  • To oversee the activities of SomCERT/CC
  • To prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attacks, including by providing advice and introducing regulations, detection systems, alert systems, and an incident response capability
  • To lead and coordinate the response to crisis situations caused by cyber attacks
  • To evaluate and certify the security of information technology products and systems
  • To evaluate providers of certification and electronic signature services
  • To represent the Principality within international Cybersecurity bodies and in dealings with other cyber-attack expertise and response centers
  • To raise awareness and encourage public services and critical infrastructure operators to pay attention to Cybersecurity requirements
  • To promote Cybersecurity research and development


The department has the following sub responsibilities:

• Somalia Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center (SomCERT/CC)
SomCERT/CC is the first national/governmental CERT in Somalia, mandated with preventing and responding to Cybersecurity incidents for both public and private cyberspaces. SomCERT/CC is responsible for handling Cybersecurity incidents, providing timely warnings, support, and advisories to all constituents from the public and private sectors, and raising Cybersecurity awareness campaigns.

SomCERT/CC is a full and active member of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation – Computer Emergency Response Teams (OIC-CERT). SomCERT/CC has very close cooperation with the Arab Regional Cybersecurity Center (ARCC), AfricaCERT, and International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

• Digital Forensics

The Digital Forensic section is responsible for collecting, processing, preserving, analyzing, and presenting computer-related evidence in support of network vulnerability mitigation, criminal, fraud, and law enforcement investigations by following international standards.

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