In accordance with article 30 of the National Communications Law, the Authority shall, when determining to take measures that will have a material effect on a particular Telecommunications market, offer interested parties the opportunity to give their opinions as to such measures within a reasonable period. The NCA’s rules of procedures require a 45-days consultation period during which all stakeholders can send their comments to NCA.

Accordingly, NCA invites all stakeholders of the ICT sector and the public to comment on the proposed Regulations, Guidelines, and documents that relate to the NCA’s work. We ask commenters to submit any suggestions/comments they have for improving these documents. Comments should be filed within 45 days of the publication of this public notice on the NCA’s website.

Comments should be filed electronically by submitting them to [].  All comments and suggestions that NCA receives by the deadline will be made publicly available and will be posted on the NCA’s website. After reviewing the comments, the NCA will issue a formal decision adopting those regulations, subject to any revisions that NCA decides to make based on the comments submitted, NCA will also justify if some of the comments are not considered.



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