Type Approval Overview

Type Approval is defined as the process by which an RTTE is certified by the NCA to be used in Somalia. It involves verification of an RTTE to make sure it complies with the applicable international standards and essential requirements.


Any Telecommunications apparatus that is either radio equipment or telecommunications terminal equipment, or both (such as a mobile phone handset) which connects directly to a Public Telecommunications Network and/or which is an intentional transmitter of radio waves is subject to type approval by the NCA.

Such equipment is referred to collectively as Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE).

Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment that require Type Approval include (but are not limited to):

Terminal Equipment

  • Mobile handsets, Tablets, PDAs, Telephone sets, IP Phones, Mobile Dongles, etc

Short Range Radio Devices

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC Readers, RFID, etc

Radio Transceivers

  • Broadcast Equipment, Satellite Equipment, Base Stations, etc.

Network Equipment

  • BSCs, MSCs, PSTN Switches, Media gateways, Servers, Switches, Routers, Modems, PBX, tracking devices, etc.


Type Approval can be requested by:

  1. Authorized Importers (Authorized Importer is an entity in Somalia that is authorized by the Ministry of Commerce to import RTTE to Somalia for marketing/commercial purposes in line with the Applicable Regulatory Framework).
  2. Licensed Operators (Licensed Operator is a Somali company or establishment located in Somalia that is licensed by NCA to own, establish or operate a telecommunications network).
  3. Local and International Manufacturers.
  4. Public/private organizations in Somalia wish to import RTTE for their own use (i.e. not for marketing/commercial purposes).


Type Approval applicants are required to adhere to the following procedures:

  1. An Application for Type Approval must be completed using the application form. Download the application form here.
  2. NCA only processes applications of RTTEs which has already obtained a Type Approval Certificate from a National Regulatory Authority (NRA) recognized by NCA showing that the RTTE complies with the required technical standards.
  3. National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) that are recognized by NCA are listed in Appendix B in the guidelines and will be regularly updated and published on NCA website.
  4. If an applicant wants to apply Type Approval for different types of equipment. A separate application form must be completed, signed, and stamped by the applicant for each type of equipment. Applications must be submitted via email ([email protected] ).
  5. Each application for Type Approval must be accompanied by the following supporting documents:
    1. Technical documentation of the RTTE (including details of transmission parameters, operating media, interface specifications, fulfillment of service technology requirements, etc).
    2. A duly signed, stamped, and dated Type Approval Certificate confirming that the RTTE complies with the suitable standards, issued by a National Regulatory Authority (NRA) recognized by NCA.
    3. Proof of payment for the Type Approval application fee.
  6. No application for Type Approval will be processed unless all required supporting documents are submitted to NCA. This may include the submission of any other additional information that is considered necessary by NCA for the purpose of Type Approval.
  7. An application that is complete will be processed within thirty (30) calendar days of its receipt by NCA.
  8. If the outcome of the assessment is successful, NCA type approves the RTTE and issues the Type Approval Letter to the applicant.
  9. NCA reserves the right to reject Type Approval application in the case where NCA is not satisfied in regard to any feature of the application. The Applicant may rectify the issue and submit a new application for Type Approval.

Type Approval Documents



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