National Numbering Plan

Under Sector 9 (Articles 55, 56, 57) of the Somali Communications Law of 2017, National Communications Authority (NCA) is mandated with the control, planning, administration, management, and assignment of the numbering and electronic addressing of network services and applications services. Pursuant to Article 54 of the Law, the Authority is responsible for the development of a numbering plan for the numbering and electronic addressing of such network services and applications services. The Law forbids the use of any numbering for network services without a license from the Authority.

Numbering and Electronic addressing are crucial for the proper operation of networks, the provision of network-based services, and the development of an online economy and society. The efficiency and simplicity of numbering and electronic addressing arrangements, and the timely availability of numbering and electronic addressing resources, can either facilitate or hinder the socio-economic development of the country’s communication network and the convergence between information processing, broadcasting, and communications.

Structure of the Plan

The Plan is divided into four parts.

  1. Part A describes the minimum and maximum numbers length, the country codes, national access codes format, and fixed telephony codes format.
  2. Sets out the Numbering Plan for geographically fixed telephony services and nongeographical mobile telephony services.
  3. Sets out the National Emergency and safety codes.
  4. sets out other codes such as International Signalling Point Codes (ISPC), Mobile Country Codes, and Mobile Network Codes (MCC – MNC)

For more information, check out the Numbering plan document here:

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