Numbering License

Article 54 of the National Communications Law of 2017, the National Communications Authority (NCA) is vested with the control, planning, administration, management, and assignment of the numbering of network and application services.

The National Communications Authority is responsible for the development of a numbering and electronic addressing plan.

Ownership of Numbers

The Federal Republic of Somalia owns the numbers used to provide communication services to its citizens. The allocation, assignment, and use of numbers are guided by the National Numbering Plan and the Numbering Regulations.

NCA is allocated numbers to Communication Services licensees who in turn assign numbers to subscribers for their use.

Applying for Numbering License

Service providers need to complete an application form requesting a particular numbering resource in line with the numbering regulations.

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Completed Application form should be returned to:

  • National Communications Authority
  • P.O Box 55
  • Hamarweyne, Mogadishu, Somalia
  • Email: [email protected]
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