Licensing Overview

The National Communications Authority (NCA)  implemented a new ICT licensing framework in pursuit of its mandate as the supervisor of the communication services in the Federal Republic of Somalia. The new licensing framework is guided by the National Communications Law of 2017, which confers powers to issue licenses for the provision and operation of communications infrastructure and services within the borders of the Federal Republic of Somalia to the NCA.

 The main relevant specific provisions in the Communications Law are in Articles 3(1) and 41(1). The Communication Law also stipulates in Article 2(2a) that one of the main objectives of the Law is the facilitation and unification of communications services. Hence deriving its authority in the relevant specific provisions in the Communications Law and the requirement for facilitation and unification of services in Article 2, the NCA hereby adopted the Unified Licensing Framework (ULF) in the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The Authority’s Mandate with regards to licensing are the following:

Operators Licensing

The licensing of the operators involves developing the market structure, preparation of the licensing frameworks, reviewing them, and grant of licenses to the operators who fulfill all the requirements. Based on the New Unified Licensing Framework, operators can apply for the following licenses:

  1. Communications Infrastructure Providers (CIP)
  2. Application and Services Providers (ASP)
  3. Communications Infrastructure and Services Providers (CISP)
  4. Class Licenses

Market Competition

The Authority created an enabling environment for competition and investment into the sector. The licensing processes provide a conducive environment for market growth and improvement of the socio-economic welfare of the society while considering the convergence of technologies

Consumer protection

The authority designed frameworks and license conditions that protect all users of communication services in the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Tariff Regulations

The competition in the Telecom market is considered very high, with seven licensed operators. The market decides the pricing of the services and the authority does not interfere with the pricing. Somalia has the lowest Internet and Calls tariffs in the region.

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