Article 41, of the National Communications Law, gives the National Communications Authority (NCA) powers to issue licenses for provision and operation of communications services inside the federal republic of Somalia. Based on That, NCA developed a Unified Licensing Framework which complies with National Communication Law. The Unified Licensing Framework permits a licensee to offer simultaneously an of a range (multiple) of services using any technological infrastructure that is capable of delivering the desired services.

The new Licensing Framework ensures flexibility and efficiency of utilization of resources keeping in mind the technological developments, easy market entry, and level playing field and fair competition.

Under the New Licensing Framework, the Following Licenses are issued:

Individual License

1) Communications Infrastructure Provider License (CIP)

  • Those who own, operate, or provide any form of physical infrastructure used primarily for carrying services, applications, and content. The infrastructure may include fixed links, communication transmitters, satellites and satellites earth stations, submarine cable, fiber/copper cable, towers, and switches, base stations. The facilities are for their own use or for availing to other licensed operators on a commercial basis

2) Application and Services Provider License (ASP)

  • Provision of non-infrastructure-based services and applications to end users using infrastructure of other infrastructure providers. These services and applications bay be based on speech, sound, data, text and images and deliver functions to end users. The services may include among other voice services, Internet Access, data services, mobile money services, MNVO services, IPTV and Value-Added Services. These service application providers typically use leased facilities from Communications Infrastructure Providers to offer services.

3) Communications Infrastructure and Services License (CISP)

  • This license category allows operators to obtain a combined license for communications infrastructure, services, and applications in one license. It is essentially a license that give a licensee combined CIP and ASP license. This type of license eliminates the need for operators to go through multiple licensing procedures if they desire to provide multiple communications infrastructure and applications and services.

Class License

  1. Terminal Equipment Provider License
  2. VSAT Services Provider License
  3. DotSo Domain registrar License

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Licensing Requirements

The licensing process starts with the submission of a fully completed application form. Application forms are available for download at the License Application section of the website.

Within the form, details of the minimum requirements for acceptance of an application for each type of License and applicable fees are available. Generally, all applicants for Licenses should meet the following conditions:

  1. The entity should be registered in Somalia as a company
  2. Have a fully registered office and permanent premises in Somalia
  3. Provide details of shareholders and directors
  4. Provide evidence of Tax Compliance

Licensing Procedure

An application is deemed received when NCA accepts the application Fees and issues a receipt and the application has met all the requirements.

Licensing Procedure and guidelines can be found here

Post-Licensing Issues

  1. The Licensee shall comply with the License Regulation, terms, and conditions of each license.
  2. If NCA approves an application for a Telecommunications License, the Licensee shall provide services within a maximum period of twelve (12) months from the date of issuance of the license.
  3. All electronic communications systems/equipment must be type-approved by NCA before they are activated. NCA inspects all networks before they are put into operation
  4. Investors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with licensing terms and conditions available on the Licensing Section of the website.

For more inquiries, please contact The Regulatory Department, P.O. box 55, Mogadishu. Tel: +252 613 77 91 91