NCA is currently working on a number of initiatives


1. SURVEY: NCA is currently undertaking a major campaign to collect data from telecom operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), digital TV operators, radio stations, communications services used in humanitarian emergencies, to register their usage of spectrum, microwave frequency links, and numbering.


2. REGUATIONS: NCA is currently drafting regulations pertaining to communication sector laws, rules and Standard Operating Procedures. Some of regulations NCA is working include: Numbering, interconnection, etc.


3. SOMALIA INTERNET EXCHANGE POINT: NCA is working to establish Somalia’s first Internet Exchange Point and will keep Somali Internet traffic in Somalia. It allows Somali Internet Service providers to easily exchange traffic within the country, without sending those messages to multiple international transit hops to reach the intended destination, it will also improve connectivity and services for their clients.


4. dotSO REPATRIATION: NCA is reviewing technical, administrative and marketing aspects of Somalia’s country-code top-level domain (dotSO) to make it more responsive to the needs of its local and international


5. SOMALIA CERT: NCA is establishing the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) as Somalia’s first official National Computer Security Incident Response Team. Its establishment will help to ensure the protection of the nation’s Critical Information Infrastructures, assist in drafting the policies and plans for the country’s approach to cyber security related issues.


6. DIGITAL MIGRATION STRATEGY: NCA is developing a digital migration strategy, which will be implemented through consultative multi-stakeholder process, which will bring together government, regulator, broadcasters, signal distributors, vendors and consumer association groups.


7. TYPE APPROVAL: NCA has the responsibility of type approving and accepting all telecommunications equipment intended to work within the public telecommunications networks in the country. It is also responsible for type approval of radio communication equipment intended for use in Somalia.