Communications and Broadcast Spectrum Licenses

admin April 3, 2020

Communications and Broadcast Spectrum Licenses

April 2, 2020 – Pursuant to the announcement on 17 February 2020 of the final decision on the adoption of the Unified Licensing Framework in the Federal Republic of Somalia and the directive from the National Communication Authority (NCA) to the regulated companies to apply for communications and broadcast spectrum licenses by 1st April 2020, the following companies have complied with the requirements of the National Communication Law and the decision of the NCA and have submitted their applications within the deadline:

Mobile Network Operator/ISP

  1. AmTel
  2. SomLink
  3. Sahal Telecom
  4. Dalkom Somalia
  5. Somali Optical Networks
  6. SomCast

Broadcasting Companies

  1. Asal 24
  2. Astaan TV
  3. Rajo Cable TV

All companies that provide communications and broadcast services within the borders of the Federal Republic of Somalia must comply with National Laws and Regulations and must not operate or provide services without duly issued licenses from NCA.