Consultation Documents


Article 41, of the National Communications Law, gives the National Communications Authority (NCA) powers to issue licenses for provision and operation of communications services inside the federal republic of Somalia. Based on That, NCA developed a Unified Licensing Framework which complies with National Communication Law. The Unified Licensing Framework permits a
licensee to offer simultaneously an of a range (multiple) of services using any technological infrastructure that is capable of delivering the desired services.

The new Licensing Framework ensures flexibility and efficiency of utilization of resources
keeping in mind the technological developments, easy market entry, and level playing field and
fair competition.

Under the New Licensing Framework, the Following Individual Licensing is issued:

  1. Communications Infrastructure Provider License (CIP)
  2. Application and Services Provider License (ASP)
  3. Communications Infrastructure and Services Provider License (CISP)

Consultation Documents

Pursuant to Article 30 of the Act, we invite interested members of the public to comment on the proposed Unified License Framework contained in this Public Notice.  In particular, we ask commenters to discuss whether they consider the proposed License Framework fair and transparent and to submit any suggestions they have for improving the framework.  Comments may be filed within thirty (45) days of the date on which this Public Notice is published on the NCA’s web site, [].

Commenters should file comments electronically by submitting them to [].  The subject line of the e-mail submitting comments should reference “Adoption of Unified Licensing Framework for the NCA.” All comments and reply comments that the NCA receives by the deadline will be made publicly available and will be posted on the NCA’s web site.  After reviewing the comments, the NCA will issue a formal decision that will adopt the Unified License Framework, subject to any revisions that we decide to make to this proposal based on the comments submitted to us.

  1. Draft Public Notice Unified Licensing Framework – AA
  2. Unified Licensing Framework Final Draft – Consultation Document
  3. Communications Infrastructure and Service License -Terms and Conditions-Draft
  4. Communications Infrastructure License Template Draft
  5. Application Service License -Terms and Conditions – Draft
  6. License Categories, Fees and Duration