Operations Department

07 Mar
Operations Department provides Facilities to the technical departments with shared services that include budgeting, finance, procurement and logistics, and Human resource management.This department has the following sub responsibilities:
  • Accounting and Finance
The Accounting and Finance department is responsible for providing financial advice, tax advice and budget preparation for the authority. Also, it manages the allocated budget of the Authority to ensure value for its money, safeguardits assets and resources of the National Communication Authority to avoid misusage, and payment of the authority’s outstanding debts.
  • Admin and Human Resource Management
The Administration department administers and manages the Authority’s day-to-day activities of the office in an environment that enhances work productivity and employee performance.
Human resource department is responsible for the recruitment, development and retention of qualified staff while providing the mechanisms for the efficient and effective use of resources.
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • The procurement departmentis responsible for maintaining good practices of the procurement processes, developing procurement strategy and structure of the authority. Also, Logistics department is responsible for providing logistical support to the NCA team for smooth implementation of the authority’s activities.