07 Mar
The Engineering department of the NCA advises the authority on technical and engineering related issues. Its main responsibilities are:
  • Spectrum management

The department manages the scarce national radio spectrum resources. It is responsible for planning, allocation, assignment and licensing of radio frequencies in order to ensure the efficient delivery of services such as mobile, fixed, satellite, short-range devices and broadcasting. Also, it maintains the National Frequency Allocation Table (NFAT). In addition, the department regularly conducts spectrum monitoring activities including measurement and analysis of radio frequency for better spectrum planning and to identify sources of harmful interference.

  • Numbering management

The department manages the national numbering resources and allocation process. It develops the National Numbering Plan which provides a set of rules and guidelines for the use and assignment of numbers and codes to telecommunication service providers.

  • Type Approval

The department is responsible for developing and implementing type approval guidelines for electronic communications equipment. The type approval guidelines contain a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements that electronic communication equipment shall meet before it is used or sold in Somalia.