Consumer Complaints

The step-by-step procedure for Consumer Complaints:

  1. Any customer of the Service Providers licensed by the National Communications Authority may at any time submit a complaint in writing by utilizing the official website
  2. Customers are required to fill out the form outlined below in order to submit their complaints.
  3. The Customer Complaint Form requires consumers to fill out their information to make sure the consumers receive a response to their complaints.
  4. The Customer Complaint Form also requires consumers to choose from the list of possible complaints and submit a specification of the complaint.
  5. Customers with Special needs may utilize the official Number of the Authority or the available accessibility features.
  6. Once a complaint is submitted the customer will receive a confirmation.
  7. The National Communications Authority will investigate the complaint in collaboration with the relevant Licensed Service Provider taking into consideration the National Communications Law, the National Communications Authority regulations, and any other applicable Laws, policies, and regulations of the Federal Republic of Somalia.
  8. Customers shall receive a response within 10 working days.
  9. The response shall include either a clarification, compensation or a suitable action to be taken as applicable.

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