About NCA

The National Communications Authority (NCA) is the regulatory body for the communications sector in Somalia. NCA was established through the Communications Act of 2017 and its mandate is to regulate the Communications sector including telecommunications, Internet, broadcasting, Information and Communications Technology, eCommerce services.

The NCA is responsible for facilitating the development of the ICT sector, enabling and ensuring fair and sustainable competition, carrier interconnection, transparency in the implementation of the Communication Law, protecting consumer interest and rights, and maintaining its role as an independent regulator.

Core Values

  • Teamwork
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Fairness

Our Vision

Establishing a competitive ICT marketplace in Somalia that ensures wide availability of ICT services at reasonable prices, facilitates access to public services and resources, enhances educational and social development while providing broadband connectivity to all Somali citizens to the rest of the World.

Our Mission

Commitment to forward-looking and transparent process that promotes fair and sustainable competition, enables innovation, encourages investment, and protects the interests of consumers and investors.