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04 Dec
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Somalia kicks off consultation process for ICT regulations

Somalia kicks off consultation process for ICT regulations

(Mogadishu, December 1, 2018) Somalia’s National Communications Authority (NCA) has officially kick-started its formal consultation process for regulations and other documents aimed at regulating the ICT sector.

In his opening remarks, Abdi Sheikh Ahmed, General Manager of NCA, said the consultation is a process the regulator will formally go through every time it wants to introduce regulations and seek public commentbefore they are adopted. Introducing the regulations, Mr. Ahmed said NCA started with the priority regulations and documents, namely Rules of Procedures to interact with NCA, Numbering Regulation, Interconnection Regulation and Public Notice, Spectrum and Service Provider (Telecom Company), Somalia Frequency Allocation Table, and Type Approval guidelines. “We understand regulator is a new concept in Somalia, so does introducing regulations developed by a regulator. Therefore we are not only inviting comments from operators, but also want the general public to actively participate in our consultation process,” Mr. Ahmed added.

The State Attorney General, H. E. Osman Ghuled, and Chair of National Assembly Committee on ICT, Hon. Khalid Abdulkadir, both applauded the regulator for taking a bold step in developing regulations aimed at implementing the Act.

Minister of Information, H. E. Dahir Ghelle and State Minister of Finance, H. E. Mohamoud Ibrahim, also acknowledged the huge work that has been accomplished in a short span of time and assured their ministries will closely work with NCA in the areas of mutual interest for all institutions.

In his closing remarks, H. E. Abdi Ashur Hassan, minister for Post, Telecom and Technology, thanked the leadership, board of directors and staff of NCA for successfully establishing an institution that is now ready to take its due role in regulating the sector.

The Minister added this sector is of utmost importance for the government because of its potential multiplier effect on all sectors of the economy. “We hope once this sector is regulated it will be a win-win situation for all: investors will have assurances for their investment instead of the current chaos in the market, consumers will have better services such as interconnected mobile networks instead of carrying several mobile phones, and finally government revenue from the sector will increase through taxation and other charges, which will also help us in reinvesting through infrastructure and universal access fund,” said the minister.

The event was attended by representatives from all stakeholders, including telecom operators like NationLink, Hormuud, SomTel, Golis, SomNet, and SomLink; ISPs; Somalia Bankers Association and its members; local registrars; university associations; Digital TV operators; and representatives from relevant ministries.

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16 May
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Somalia to establish first Internet Exchange Point

Ministry of Post, Telecom and Technology is facilitating the establishment of Somalia’s first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Mogadishu (MogIX). (more…)

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09 Mar
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NCA Takes Full Control of Somalia’s ccTLD (DotSO)

Somalia’s National Communications Authority (NCA) took full control of the country-code top-level domain (dotSO) as it will oversee the activities of the Somali National Information Center (SONIC) and Cloudy Registry who ran the operations and the management of the Domain Registry. Effective immediately, SONIC will be an special entity under the supervision of NCA .
The NCA, on behalf of SONIC, signed an Addendum to the Master Supply Agreement with Cloud Registry, which provides registry-hosting services to the DotSO Domain. The Addendum establishes a contractual relationship between the NCA/SONIC and Cloud Registry.
The NCA, with the support of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Technology, exercises the oversight function as its regulatory authority under Article 54(2) of the 2017 National Communications, which recognizes the DotSO Domain as a national asset.
Abdulaziz Husein Omar, former Director of SONIC who resigned from his position, said, “I was privileged to have led the institution and is happy to transfer full domain management responsibilities to SONIC under the regulator supervision”.
Abdi Sheik Ahmed, the General Manager of NCA, said “DotSO is a national asset and the 2017 Communication Law charges the NCA with its stewardship, adding the Domain will be managed in the interest of the public and the Internet community.
The Minister of Posts, telecommunication and Technology H.E Abdi Ashur Hassan said at the signing ceremony “This is an important milestone for the ICT industry in Somalia and another achievement for the Ministry on the heels of the passage of the Communication Law and the establishment of the regulatory authority.”
The Minister thanked everyone who played a role in the process, particularly the President and Prime Minister. He added, “I would also like to thank the Council of Ministers, the State Attorney General and the former management of SONIC ”.
NCA is planning to start fresh and inclusive process of multi-stakeholder approach, which will  include the academia, civil society, ICT sector and internet community at large.

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24 Feb
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Minister of Post and Telecom opens consultation meeting for operators

Ministry for Posts, Telecom and Technology organized a consultation meeting for the telecom operators and ISPs to brief them about the progress being made by the Ministry on the implementation of the communications law, including establishment of the regulatory body.

The Implementation Task Team, which is providing technical assistance to establishment of National Communications Authority (NCA), presented a roadmap of their work as individual consultants and as institutions, like Kalba International and their local partner, the Heritage Institute for Policy Studies (HIPS). Abdirashid Khalif, executive director of HIPS, said the sector has a golden opportunity by having a committed leadership both at the Ministry and at NCA and local and international advisors supporting the process.

Abdi Sheik Ahmed, the new director of NCA, thanked the President, Prime Minister, the Cabinet and Minister of Post and Telecom and his deputies for trusting him to lead this important institution. “I am humbled to be given this opportunity to serve my country under this capacity. I will try my best to make sure NCA meets high standards of efficiency and integrity,” he added.

In his opening remarks, H.E. Eng Abdi Ashur Hassan, Minister for Post, Telecom and Technology, recalled the various stages of consultation meetings that led to the successful passage of the communications law. He added, “Formal consultations will be one of the formal means of communication between the authority and the sector when NCA is established. We will continue and formalize that process through NCA.”

The Minister said the tasks in front of the Ministry are as important and enormous as they were during the passage of the law in 2017. “We are building an institution that is new to Somalia, so every stakeholder has to take their role effectively,” concluded the minister.

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19 Feb
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Cabinet endorses director of Somalia’s Communications Authority

The Cabinet has unanimously endorsed Abdi Sheik Ahmed for the post of Director-General of the National Communications Authority (NCA) of Somalia, which is established under Somalia’s Communications Law 2017.

Speaking after the endorsement, the minister for Post, Telecom and Technology, H.E. Abdi Ashur Hassan, thanked the Cabinet for the endorsement of the director who will lead Somalia’s first communications regulator.

“This is another milestone by the Ministry to have the director endorsed in due course because it will bring us closer to the establishment of the regulator,” said the minister.

“When the law was passed in 2017 we promised our commitment to its implementation, and the establishment of NCA is the first step towards that goal,” concluded the minister.

Short profile
Abdi Sheikh is multi-disciplinary technology leader with strong background in all facets of Information and Communication Technologies, particularly in the design and operations of global networks. For over 23 years he worked for one of the largest Telecommunication companies in the US and the World (Verizon Communications) where he held number of leadership and senior management positions, including 11 years of managing financial and human resources.

Over the years, Abdi held number of positions with Verizon Communications progressively assuming more responsibilities ranging from engineering, product/services/business development, managing highly skilled professionals and resources, to overseeing and negotiating multi-million dollar business opportunities.

Currently, he is a Senior ICT Adviser to the Ministry of Post, Telecommunication and Technology of the Federal Government of Somalia, focusing on passage of Somali Communications Act, capacity building for the Ministry, and engagements between the Ministry, development partners, and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

In 2012 Abdi returned to Somalia where he served as a Senior Adviser to two Prime Ministers. In the Office of the Prime Minister, he identified a need for coordinated and coherent capacity development framework and strategy for the Somali state institutions. Abdi proposed the formation of a national institutional capacity development directorate, which Prime Minister Sa’id established in a Decree. He worked with the World Bank and UNDP to develop a $53-million dollar; multi-year capacity development flagship program aimed at addressing severe capacity constraints in the Somali institutions.

Abdi obtained his under graduate education in Computer Science from Rust College/University of Houston, Texas with honors (Suma Cum laude) and Master of Science – specialization in Information System and MBA degrees respectively from the University of Denver and the top-ranked business school of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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